ERO Report 2019

ERO Press release


From our perspective this report is both pleasing and accurate. It reflects both the progress the school has made in the past two and a half years as well as identifying areas which need improving. A summary statement reflects this – “ERO recognises the progress made by Waitaki Boys’ High School…the school is in the early stages of being better placed to review and improve it’s performance”. This aligns with the growth mindset of both staff and students that we are making progress, but are not where we want to be..yet.

The report also notes that “school leaders are committed to making positive progress for the school” and that there is a “more collaborative culture amongst the staff”. These were areas of concern from the previous report of 2017.

The report also acknowledges the “positive progress made in some areas of teaching and learning” and the “positive trends in NCEA achievement” and the “positive shifts made in teachers’ appraisal”.

With regards to key next steps this report concludes that all stakeholders in the school “must collaborate effectively to achieve outcomes for all students that meet their abilities, interests and aspirations. They should have a consistent and unrelenting focus on raising the quality of teaching and learning for all teachers and all students.”

This goal and the strategies required to achieve it are the current focus for the school as reflected in both the school’s charter and the current annual plan.

Board Chair Andrea Ludemann said “the Board enthusiastically congratulated the school team on this positive report. There were no surprises in the report with points identified already part of ongoing workplans. We believe it is an accurate reflection of the school at present and clearly demonstrates the pleasing progress made to date. The Board looks forward to being able to demonstrate this with our continuing reporting”.


See below for the link to the ERO report in full