International Programme

We welcome international students, and offer a wide range of subjects and co curricular activities.

Students are welcome to our school for either short term or long term study. We have an excellent ESOL programme,     Pastoral care, recreational activities which insure that International students gain the best experience from their time in New Zealand.

Waitaki Boys’ High School employs an ESOL teacher trained to assess each student on arrival. A planned programme to best meet the needs of each student, in cohorts with the Dean, student, parents, ESOL teacher and International Coordinator. Our ESOL programme prepares students to sit the ESOL examinations. Our senior students often choose to study for the IELTS and TOEFL examinations.


All students at Waitaki Boys’ High School are well looked after. If there are problems that arise being academic, vocational or personal, we have people here to provide help and support. These people include:

            Guidance Councillor

            Year Level Dean

            Our Careers Advisor

            Hostel Staff

            Homestay Co-Ordinator

            International Student Co-Ordinator

            A teacher who the student feels able to talk to


Here in Oamaru we have full medical services available. Our Hostel Matron is available for any medical care, and will organise appointments to the Doctor if required. All overseas students should have medical insurance and evidence of this should be provided when fees are paid.

Communication with Parents

Many parents like to bring their sons to Oamaru when enrolling them. We are happy to book accommodation for parents to come and visit the school. We always enjoy visits from parents at anytime.

The International Student Co-ordinator is responsible for each student and their welfare. Parents will receive their son’s reports during the year. This is a record of their academic progress, effort and attitude. Please feel free to request additional reports during the year.


Although Waitaki Boys’ High School prides itself on its ability to consider the needs of the individual, it is nevertheless an ordered community expecting consideration for others and disciplined conduct. Students are therefore only admitted to the school on the understanding that they (and their parents) accept the rules and regulations as laid down by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Waitaki Boys’ High School Board of Trustees and the Principal.