House System

An important ingredient in the social achievement of boys is their membership of a House.  

There are four school houses – Don, Forrester, Lee and Sutherland.  House meetings are held regularly.

Houses give boys a sense of security and identity.  

Houses compete (fiercely) in the SCRANO competition.  Boys participate in many different events, often going beyond their traditional areas of interest and involvement.  The SCRANO promotes confidence, personal skills and team loyalty.

Individual House Arms in single house colours
Individual House Arms in single house colours

Current SCRANO Points 2019

Athletics 150.00 96.90 82.39 75.68
Swimming 75.00 67.40 36.66 37.14
SCRANO Night 247.41 250.00 239.64 172.28
TOTAL 472.41 414.30 358.68 285.10